Investments in real estate: the decision should be well-thought through and can only be optimally made in the individual case. Take advantage of our broadly diversified experiences in all financial and investment matters.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Tax Deeds
  • Real Estate 1st Mortgages - Private Money Mortgages
  • Residential - Income producing Properties
  • Commercial - Income producing Properties



Structure of Investment Partnerships:


1.  Investor owns 100% of the LLC

2.  LLC created in the State of Georgia or your state of choice - investments will be in Georgia

3.  Sam Stinnett is the co-manager of the LLC with you as the other co-manager or others that you chose

4.  LLC invests only in Real Estate and owns 100% of the assets.

5.  No leverage / financing is used with the LLC

6.  LLC has a bank account established with Truist Bank.  Manager has check writing capabilities and Investor/Owner has online 24/7 access.

7.  Manager has a co-investment of 10% in each deal.  Manager's money is at risk before your money is at risk.  So all 10% of managers money will be lost before the investor loses any funds.

8.  Profits are split 50/50 between Investor/Owner and the LLC Manager.  Interest are aligned because Manager can't make any money unless Investor makes money.

8.  No overhead charges or salaries taken from the LLC.  Only direct charges related to an investment are expensed through the LLC and the annual charge for the LLC tax return.

9.  If you utilize the $500 Self Directed IRA LLC Setup services then these funds are rebated back to you at the first investment payday.

10.  Monthly or Quarterly reporting provided by Manager to Investor/Owner.



Minimum of $50,000 Required for Investment Partnership





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